Snow Polo


Snow polo is played on an especially prepared field of snow. Its size can vary depending on the conditions of the location and starts with 30 by 60 meters. Snow polo rules are identical with Arena Polo rules since Snow Polo is a form of Arena Polo.

A Quechua organizes the biggest international Snow Polo Tour: This year the tour already consists of five tournaments taking place from January 4 to March 15 in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Find all information about the 2015 PIPA INTERNATIONAL SNOW POLO CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR here.

SNOW POLO TOUR – How it started:
In 2011 A Quechua hosted the first Winter Polo Tournament. For the first time sports media – not only lifestyle and luxury media – covered such an event. The media value was approx. 500.000,- Euros and sponsors were surprised by the marketing and media results.

Since 2011 out of one Snow Polo Event the largest Snow Polo Tour in the world evolved. In 2014 the tour consisted of three events and in 2015 the PIPA Snow Polo International Championship Tour already counts 5 events. This means Snow Polo is becoming a corner stone for the European Polo Sport. This year PIPA could close a deal with leading TV channels for more than 16 hours of coverage for the Snow Polo Tour. This means an approximate media value of some million Euros – leading edge in the polo sport.