Most people are fascinated with Polo. After golf and tennis many people and especially families are in search of a new challenge. Their search often leads them right to the new trendsport Polo. According to sport scientists it is easier to learn to play Polo than for example tennis or golf. The numbers proove it:


In order to become popular, the increasing trendpsort Polo needs to reach the people. Nowadays Polo tournaments draw only a small crowd of spectators despite the fact that most events charge no entry fee. Reasons may be as follows:

– People are hesitant since they can’t identify with neither “royals” nor “A-listers”

– Locations for tournaments are too far from the cities and poplar places

– People don’t seem to be aware that there are tournaments and that spectators would be welcome.


A Quechua wants to close the gap between Polo and the people! The more players there are, the less costs arise and the more tournaments there are, the more experience the players earn. With this approach, A Quechua wants to establish and sustainable develop the new trendsport Polo. In close cooperation with the global Polo Association PIPA, A Quechua organizes large international tournament series, establishes an educational system for Polo instructors as well as for players and promotes and builds Polo schools and academies all across the globe.