Real Estate

In order to cover the entire value chain in the polo industry, A Quechua is also engaged in real estate and project development business. Since 2012 properties have been evaluated and acquired. The concept of A Quechua focuses on two corner stones – the A Quechua Villages and the A Quechua Resorts. Both types are not comparable with any kind of real estate project as the houses are nicely structured and located around a fully-fledged, high-class fully year polo club infrastructure with open and covered arena fields, grass polo fields, polo simulators, wellness and beach clubs and their own loung and chill out area.

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The A Quechua Villages are located in short distance to big cities and offer clients a unique living experience of timeless comfort with living next to the polo horses and training facilities. All year round polo facilities managed and run by A Quechua with PIPA certified Polo Pros and Proettes guarantee best-in-class learning curves and fun for all members and owners. The prototype for the A Quechua Village is located in Austria, next to the famous and loveable city of Graz. Find more information at A Quechua Kumberg Homepage (only in German language).

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The A Quechua Resorts are globally developed in vacational areas near the seaside and near existing infrastructures such as high-class hotels and resorts, golf-clubs and other modern, state-of-the-art seetings so that the entire family can spend wonderful holidays together – also if only one family member is a polo player.

  1. Polo Players can buy AQV shares and receive per year a certain number of A Quechua Points, which can be spent for vacations in any of the the A Quechua Resorts. Those points include full polo training and playing. Book and play!
  2. Polo Players can also buy houses / chacras directly in one of the A Quechua Resorts or Villages and then also book different A Quechua Equine Management plans ensuring best-in-class horse management and training. Depending on the location then A Quechua takes care of logistics to get your horses to the different tournament locations. Call and play!
  3. For financial investors AQV provides two models:
    1. A “Silver Investor” can place Private Equity starting up from 250.000,- Euros for a time periode of two years without any risk as the PE is put on an escrow deposit. AQV pays currently 6 % interests per year. After the two years the PE is transferred back to the investors account.
    2. A “Platin Investor” can invest 1 Mio. Euro – depending of the AQV project developement status and available investment slots – or more for a time periode of at maximum 10 years. During the time the investor is paid (currently) 6 % per year on a quarterly basis. In addition the equity is used in tertiary financial sectort (only B2B) with the trusted partner organization Valbury currently realizing on average 12 % profite per year.  The entire model is realized trough a custodian. Leading banks are already engaged and invested in the model.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will showcase you the projects in different development stages and also in detailed present the entire investment and business model. Currently following projects are under development and do still provide some investment slots.

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Below we provide some example data of ongoing projects:

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