Polo Ponies for Sale: We are pregnant!

Polo Ponies for sale - we are pregnant
Yes it’s true, we are pregnant and that is why we have to sell four of our beloved polo ponies to create space for the babies. All our ponies are full in training, best shape and in best condition with all vet-tests and required vaccinations. Guided by Chief Veterinarian Officer Dr. Halden, the polo ponies have no problems with their backs, legs or joints.

Polo Pony #1 – The Lover

1) The “lover” is often underestimated when he gets to start rock and roll on the field as he seems to be the rest in itself. This lovely CHESTNUT full in training and ready to play gelding is for players between -2 to 5 handicap, on the spot turning, very strong and fast, and experienced in both arena as well as grass; 52/53. Although at age of 18 he was winning the Snow Polo WC at Bad Gastein 2016 being played by Tim Ward.

Polo Ponies for sale - Number 1 with Tiim Ward

Polo Pony #2 – The Model

2) The “model” is a 18 year old BLACK gelding for 51/52 length and players from -2 to 3 handicap. Very friendly and calm as we also use him for kids trainings and schooling. Due to excellent training programm he perfectly switches from arena to grass and from slow to speed. Especially for not so good riders, he is the perfect trainer due to this physiognomy.

Polo Ponies for sale - Number 2 in Action

Polo Pony #3 – The Machine

3) The “machine” is a CLASSIC BROWN small but very fast and tough mare with 15 years. She was played by A Quechua CEO during many fast low and medium grass polo tournaments internationally but also during the snow and beach polo world cups such as can bee seen in picture 8. She needs an experienced player who loves speed and action or an upcoming kid as she is very calm if needed.

Polo Ponies for Sale - Number 3 with Ojedo

+++SOLD+++ Polo Pony #4 – Ms Spoke +++SOLD+++

4) SOLD! The “Ms Spoke” is named after the special form of the ears. The 13 year old mare is DARK BROWN with a small white spot on the face and a 50/51. She is excellent in the arena and easy to play on the big field for players from -2 to 1. Due to this she is the perfect companion for a beginner or slightly advanced players. She is also perfect for kids and youth players.

Polo Ponies for Sale - Number 4, SOLD

Why do we sell four of our polo ponies?

All horses are perfect ponies. And we only put them on offer as we do not have enough space as we are awaiting new ponies. All offered horses are full in training and can immediately start into the season. Players looking for a combination #1 and #3, and #2 and #4 would be a good fit. They are currently stationed in South of Austria and can be tried out any time by arrangement. All further information upon request with PM or mail to