A Quechua Quintuple Sales

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Yesterday A Quechua Inc. during a press conference published 2014 financial statements with a huge sensation. After only two years investment period the company entered the profit zone and could fivefold the turnover. “We are very happy that we could end 2014 with such an impressive business result!” states CEO Seebacher.

A Quechua Goes eBook

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The world´s unique polo training and teaching book series produced by A Quechua and USP Corporate Publishing is now available in English Version as eBooks for all readers. The A Quechua books were first published in 2009 and by now are the worlds most sold books in the polo sport. The eBooks will now tremendously help to facilitate the development of polo as the new trendsport.

Cover Story on Trendsport Polo

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The leading international magazin in the area of sport marketing and sponsoring featured Polo as the new trendsport. The article is based on an exclusive interview, that PIPA World President Uwe Seebacher gave to the magazin. The article highlights the increasing attractiveness of sport sponsoring and marketing in polo based on the efforts of A Quechua World of Polo als benchmark and leading…

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