Official Team Supplier

sanovetA Quechua is glad to announce the cooperation between SanoVet and A Quechua. SanoVet becomes the official supplier of the Austrian Polo Team. In addition, products from SanoVet are also available at the A Quechua online shop.SanoVet products are mainly based on herbal substances, created and developed with longstanding expertise as well as by including veterinarians, trainers and riders. Based in Vienna, SanoVet is a globally renowned brand, cooperating with stables all across the globe like Europe, UAE, Bahrain, Hong Kong and many others.

As the official supplier of the Austrian Polo Team, SanoVet expands it’s appearance in global equine sports even more. The Austrian Polo Team, having the 2016 Snow Polo World Cup Tour Champions in their ranks,┬áis also glad about the cooperation with a real expert regarding horse-supplements.


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