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Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is the leading management approach in the marketing and communication industry. In times of financial crises and almost no economic growth, MRM ensures that Marketing Managers can always get the most out of their sponsoring and marketing campaigns. The key parameter is Marketing Return-on-Investment (MROI) and more and more other new marketing key performance indicators.


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Dr. Uwe Seebacher (C) A Quechua


Dr. Uwe G. Seebacher (MBA), board member of “A Quechua – World of Polo” is the author of the leading management trade book “Marketing Resource Management” and consults global companies in regard to structuring and evaluating their marketing budgets and investments. This may also be one of the aspects, why A Quechua has a significant track record of best-in-class media values and contact points in regard to managed and delivered polo events.

Contact us in order to learn more about the many different options and possibilities, reaching from regular TV presence to Tour partner for the worlds largest Beach or Snow Polo Series or exhibiting or banner partnerships. A Quechua offers especially for your needs always the perfeclty sized sponsor agreement at no risk and at highest transpareny.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-03 um 15.04.11“A Quechua convinced me in 2010 to start a sponsorship in Polo, as I learnt
how attractive and active the target group with this non patron based polo is!”
Dr. Steve Leighton, Marketing & Communication Manager
Terra Group Inc.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-03 um 15.06.20“Since 2011 we are now having an active sponsorship agreement with A Quechua and our response and visibility through these modern, stylish and perfectly staged polo events is by far higher than we ever had expected!”
Alfred Riedel, Owner
Jacques Lemans Group


Logo-web_4c_AI.epsPolo is cool, new and different. Even though we are located in the classcial horse riding business, I take a lot of advantage through my sponsorship with A Quechua since now alreay more than 3 years. We started small and Dr. Seebacher always consulted and advised me, on how to efficiently grow my engagement and he and his team always delivered more services and higher media values than agreed and expected!
Otto Hofer, CEO and Co-Owner
Happy Horse Holzedeleinstreu