Knax Club & Spark7 Kids Day 2017

Knax Spark7 Polo Kids Day A Quechua Polo

On June 17th, A Quechua, Knax Club and Spark7 invited for the Polo Kids Day 2017 at our poloschool at Kumberg/Graz, Austria. Many kids and teens from 6 to 14 years followed the invitation and could enjoy a great day playing polo and having fun. 

On 11 a.m. two times Snow Polo World Champion Uwe Seebacher officially started the tryout day by introducing the kids to the history of polo. Having little snacks and drinks, the kids were fascinated about polo right from the start. After this little introduction everyone got to meet all our polo ponies which were very delighted to meet all the kids. After meeting the polo ponies it was time to get on the polo field for the first time, making the first swings. Then, after a little break, the ponies got saddled and made ready to play polo!

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