A Quechua Polo Action for Old and Young

There has been a lot of polo action going on the last weeks. After the Spark7 & Knax Klub Kids Polo Day, the Entrepreneurs Polo Day and our regular polo courses, we continued playing as much polo as possible. Last Friday we had some girls from England at our poloschool at Kumberg/Graz, playing with the Austrian Polo Ladies Team. On Saturday and Sunday we were invited to the Bärnkopf Happy Horse Festival at the beautiful Schlesinger-Lake, Austria. As a part of the festival we brought two polo teams there playing as Team Happy Horse and Team SanoVet. We are glad that we can close the gap between polo and other riding sports more and more. Invitations like this one for the Riding Festival show, that our work for polo is appreciated and polo gets more and more accepted in the equestrian scene. We Thank you again for the invitation!

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English polo girls at A Quechua polo school

English Polo Girls & Austrian Team at A Quechua Polo School


Polo Parade A Quechua Polo

Polo Parade at the Riding Festival


Polo Teams A Quechua

Polo Teams at the Riding Festival