Horse Blessing at A Quechua Poloclub

Horse Blessing A Quechua Poloclub Kumberg Graz Austria 2017 December

What a day, what a wonderful event – the Horse Blessing at A Quechua Poloclub was amazing!
On December 26th, we invited for a horse blessing at our poloclub at Kumberg/Graz, Austria. Many people followed the invitation and spent an amazing afternoon with pony riding, music, snacks and drinks. Polo-program for 2018 is coming soon!

“Sun is shining, weather is sweet…” What Bob Marley sang back in the days fits perfectly for December 26th, when we invited for the horse blessing at A Quechua Poloclub Kumberg/Graz. Bright sunshine and warm temperatures, atypical weather for the Christmas days, but perfect for our polo ponys to get blessed. Knowing that on the 26th of December, the so called Stephani-Day, many horse lovers go for a ride with their horses in the morning hours, we decided to do the blessing in the afternoon. In addition to the horse blessing, we offered polo riding, music, snacks and drinks.

Wonderful Blessing, brave Polo Ponys

The doors at A Quechua Poloclub opened at 1:30 p.m. and soon the parking lot became fuller and fuller. Right on time at 2:30 p.m., the polo ponys walked out of their boxes and pastor Erich Haderspeck started with the blessing-ceremony. Although the pastor was not used to horses, he held a very wonderful ceremony and the ponys liked him right from the start. At the end, every polo pony got blessed with holy water, blessed bread and salt. Especially at the water-part, all horses behaved very brave and did not get too frightened by the pastor spraying the holy water on them.

Pony Riding for the Kids, Drinks and Snacks for the Adults

After the blessing, all kids and teens were invited to take a ride on our polo pony-oldie ‘Mucho’, who enjoyed riding  as much as the kids. The spectators, the pastor and all staff gathered around the bar in the A Quechua Polo Lounge. Having some drinks and snacks, everyone had a good time. As the sun slowly went down and the twilight came in, it was time to say goodbye to our wonderful polo ponys. Thank you for coming and we hopefully see you again in 2018! The program for polo courses and tryout-days will be published soon!

Here are the best pics of the Horse Blessing at A Quechua Poloclub:


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