Polo Crowdfunding A Quechua Green Rocket

As the leading international polo marketer we set the next big step in polo history: The first polo crowdfunding starts on November 7th at noon (CET)! The aim of this next big milestone in global polo is to raise money to expand and to keep on developing polo sustainable.

The fact is that polo is gaining more and more acceptance and popularity among the population. We are confident that in the medium term, Polo will [Read more…]

replace golf as a trend sport style! A Quechua is an international “pioneer” in a market with enormous growth potential!“, states PIPA Vice President Thomas Hofirek.

Globally First Polo Crowdfunding

Investments start at only 250€ and end at 50.000€. The funding limit is 150.000€, so better be fast! Investors that invest 750€ get a free polo tryout lesson, for a investment of 1.250€ you get a polo tryout day for free and for an investment of 2.500€ you get a whole polo course for free!

If you invest as an early bird, you can get up to 3% p.a. . Investors are also exit-involved! The risk is classified as “very low” due to the already proven business model and the integrated experienced top management – the potential of the first ever polo crowdfunding, on the other hand, is “very attractive”.

Who can invest?

Everyone can invest from the German-speaking world – whether as a private or institutional investor. Foreign investors with an address in Germany, Austria or Switzerland can also invest directly. Information can be obtained directly from Greenrocket or A Quechua. From outside, only legal persons can invest – companies, whether private or institutional.

Who is Green Rocket?

A Quechua has chosen Green Rocket as one of the most renowned and experienced providers in the field of crowdfunding. International top stories in the area of innovative start-ups outside of the mainstream technology hypothesis, such as “Omis Apfelstrudel” or “Hanfgarten”, have taken the decisive step for sustainable business success through crowdfunding campaigns with Greenrocket and found high six-digit amounts with the Crowd!