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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 – what seemed to be a usual day at the ending of summer has become one of the greatest days in Austrian polo history! On this day, the 1st Austrian Polo Pony was born at our Poloclub and School at Kumberg/Graz, Austria. The little guy is in good health and already a star at our poloclub. 

The father a Styrian origin and the mother a Brazilian polo pony and two times PIPA Snow Polo World Cup winner. Yes, our new little guy is predestined to become a polo star! Born on Tuesday, 12th of September, he is in care of his loving mother and has already made his first steps on our polo field. He is the first Austrian polo and thus has already made history. More siblings will follow.

„For this young stallion it has been just a small step, but for the development of the new trendsport polo in Austria it has been a huge step!”, stated the proud ‘horse mum’ and A Quechua Chief Veterinarian Officer Dr. Yvonne Halden.

The beginning of the Austrian polo pony breed has been well prepared for a long time and has strategic importance in order to be able to sustain the strongly growing demand for these unique and versatile polo horses at attractive prices. Until now, polo ponies had to be transported by plane from South America, what cost about 5.000 – 8.000 Euros per horse. This is why the start of a European breeding has been a logical step.

As our newest family member does not have a name yet, you can send us your suggestions per mail to The person who’s name-suggestion we pick wins a Polo Tryout-Day at A Quechua Poloschool Kumberg/Graz in November.


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