Erasmus Ivana Kudlek


From March to the end of August we had Ivana from Croatia for an Erasmus internship at our office in Graz. Beside her very friendly nature and her good ideas, Ivana had been a very diligent help. We want to THANK YOU Ivana and we would be proud to have you in our company in the future! Here is her report about the Erasmus Experience at A Quechua:


My Erasmus experience began at the end of March and lasted until the end of August 2016. Because of the numerous positive experiences of other students and keeping in mind the numerous benefits that participation in this program could have on my professional and personal development, I did not hesitate at any time when signing up to the Erasmus program. Fortunately, I did not have a problem with selecting the state nor with selecting the city – Graz, European city of culture and lively city thanks to numerous student population.
I started to look for internships very early but with many failures. I sent e-mails on a daily basis, which typically have not been answered, but nothing could hinder or stop me. My advice is to be persistent and to highlight what sets you apart from other candidates for the job to which you are applying for. In late March I received a response from the company that deals with all matters related to the Polo sport and expands the awareness of this kind of sport which is still unknown to many. The company runs a Polo school, a polo online store and organizes various events related to Polo sport.

When I went there for the job interview, I was not scared at all. I was completely relaxed and confident which I believe is very important for getting a job. The entire procedure for documentation resolved itself very quickly with the help of my coordinator, so I could already start working the next week. The people with whom I worked were very friendly and all together we formed one international team considering the fact that the employees were from other countries.

In these five months I assisted in numerous projects related to the organization of Polo events, I was working tasks related to the post and bills and answering e-mails. Also I worked on the marketing and the expanding of the online store where I had daily contact with different countries. At my suggestion, we decided to make use of my knowledge of the Croatian language so that we planned to organize several Polo events in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Through the everyday communication in the office I had been able to improve the knowledge of the German language. I had the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my studies.

After the Erasmus internship, I have the opportunity to continue working in this company and my University to continue cooperation with them. I made admirable experiences that I will remember for a lifetime. I would recommend Erasmus practise to anyone who wants to gain international experience because such an opportunity should not be missed.

Ivana Kudlek,
Management student