Equine Management

Horsemanship and equine management are at the core of our activities. A Quechua is known for perfectly trained and healthy polo ponies. Since the beginning we are cooperating with experts from other classical horse riding disciplines. For the development of the 2nd A Quechua polo book “The Polo Connection” we worked with international experts in different horse riding disciplines in order to define standards for sustainable Polo horsemanship and equine management.

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Cover Vol. 2 “The Polo Connection” from Castilho, Oliveria and Seebacher

We offer our experience on maintaining and training the polo ponies to private players and other polo clubs. We established a polo pony pool, offering our ponies to clients for training or playing tournaments and we rent them to polo clubs and schools on an annual base. Like that we spread our knowledge of maintaining and training the horses and share our experience in horsemanship and equine management with other polo players and institutions.

As we see it the polo pony pool is especially helpful to players who don’t have their own polo pony, to poloclubs at the beginning of their activity and to established polo institutions that wish to improve their standard and to learn more about the A Quechua training method being in touch with a perfectly trained polo pony.


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Article about hightest standards A Quechua Equine Management
in official Veterinarian magazin „ALL4VET“