Polo Crowdfunding Has Ended


Yesterday, on Feb. 2nd, the globally first crowdfunding campaign in the polo sport – the A Quechua Polo Crowdfunding campaign in cooperation with renowned crowdfunding provider Green Rocket – has ended. The campaign has financially not met the defined targets as only 50 % of the defined ambitious funding level were realized. However, as this initiative was set up for increasing the visibility for the polo sport and creating awareness for leading–edge polo sport companies, the campaign can be considered as successful.

„Although we did not meet the funding limit, we reached our overall marketing objectives and we had very positive feedback from highly recognized marketers from all different regions and industries but especially outside the core polo sport community!“ states A Quechua CEO Uwe Seebacher during the press call.

As A Quechua does have a solide business model with five profit centers with constant incomes, the company is not reliant on the money. “We tried to raise money for international projects and requests and increasing our development pace!“ comments Seebacher. Without this funds the company will continue to follow the defined milestone plan ensuring sustainable growth.

“We always try to find new ways for making polo more visible, to bring this wonderful sports to the people. And this aim really worked out with the crowdfunding project as we gained a lot media reach and we could create an awareness among investors and non-polo-people that polo is a serious sports and that there are serious working companys like A Quechua that try to push this sport forward.“ adds Stefan Prath, PR manager with A Quechua.