To escape from the cold and foggy Austrian winter, a delegation of the Austrian Polo Ladies National Team travelled to Chile and Argentina. Guided by PIPA president Dr. Uwe Seebacher, the Polo Ladies played and practised with the Chilenian National Team.

The first stop on the trip brought the Austrian delegation to Polo Club San Cristobal, where the group was welcomed during a nice welcome reception. Beside the perfect training conditions, the calm atmosphere and the chilling pool area allowed a good relaxation.

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It can be said that the Ladies Polo National Team improved very well and did not have to hide while playing with the Chilenian Polo Players.
Beside many training sessions and chukkers, there was also time for sightseeing at Chilenian capital Santiago and to watch a polo game.


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After a really good time at Chile, the trip led the Ladies to Argentine. Especially famous for Evita, Argentina is also a great sports country. Though football and Lionel Messi may be most famous when thinking of Argentian sports, also polo is a very popular sport. After sightseeing in Buenos Aires, the ladies got to see the 122th Campeonato Argentino Abiarto de Polo at Campo Argentino de Palermo. Beside Hurlingham and Tortugas, Palermo is the third of the historic triple crown tournaments. In a very spectacular game with thousands of spectators La Dolfina Polo Team beat La Aguada Polo and headed to the finals.


“It was a great experience to train and work with PIPA president Dr. Seebacher and we all appreciated having this international leading polo expert in our club!”
Fernando Moreno, San Cristobal Polo Club

“These A Quechua Polo trips are a unique and intense learning experience always with very nice side-events!”
Dr. Inge Keeling, Styria Polo Club

“It was great fun to play and train with the Austrian delegation. I will join A Quechua on their next invitational trips as the entire community is just nice and relaxed and still playing on a very high level!”
Thomas Urrate, San Rosario Polo Club


More information, details and pictures at the Facebook event homepage.