Arena Polo

A Quechua – World of polo features Arena Polo because it guarantees good visibility at polo tournaments and because it is the most suitable polo form for new players to start with. The arena polo field can vary in size and starts with 30 x 60 meters. The fact that the field’s size can easily be adapted to different conditions makes it a flexible concept – perfectly suitable for our tournaments and tours in different European locations.

In comparison to classical Grass polo events Arena Polo offers more visibility for visitors. Since the field is smaller the action is more concentrated and closer to spectators. Also for polo beginners Arena Polo produces clear benefits: From the beginning they get more contact with the ball and more chances to practise – so they gain experience on the field within short time. At the A Quechua Poloschool Kumberg we train on an arena polo field – providing best chances to gain experience on the field within relatively short time.

Company Events: Besides offering great conditions for playing tournaments in various locations Arena Polo also gives companies the possibility to organize their own polo tournament. Our mobile arena can be build on every ground and is adaptable to every field size starting from 30 x 60 meters. Please contact us if you are interested in Arena Polo Company Events and we provide you with more information. Send mail

Arena Polo is the perfect form to present polo at Equestrian fairs. Since 2010 we are featuring some of the most important and largest indoor Arena Polo tournaments at horse trade shows: We are playing at the PAPPAS AMADEUS HORSE INDOORS in Salzburg with more than 40.000 visitors as well as at the ARENA NOVA near Vienna with 30.000 guests. With that much visibility polo attracts new players and visitors.