This is the A Quechua – Family & Friends Polo Homepage! Here you will find all information about upcoming A Quechua events, tournaments and academies. The A Quechua – World of Polo Portal supplies more and more people with information and aims at facilitating the development of Polo to become the next trendsport, such as golf or tennis have been years before.

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“A Quechua” is pronounced as [a ke:tschua]. The term is taken from the language of the Inka and means “in the field”. A Quechua stands in for sustainability and authenticity and most merchandising products of A Quechua carry the INKA-flag as symbol for this ideology. The other powerful symbol of A Quechua is the tree, symbolizing “roots”, “power”, but also “family”. The tree therefore strengthens the “family & friends” Polo – a community primarily aiming at spreading the philosophy of this wonderful sport. The tree can be found in reality at A Quechua in Bage / Brasil. (www.aquechua-resorts.com).

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A Quechua supports the development of polo sports from all different angles: We offer a variety of polo courses for both beginners and advanced polo players, we are building up an international network of polo schools and resorts, we organize international academies and polo tournaments, we design and produce polo fashion and products and we successfully communicate all our activities through different media channels to raise public awareness of polo sport. This way we aim at developing better infrastructures making polo sport accessible for a growing number of players.

We hope you find all information useful. We look forward to any contributions from you and will answer all your comments and request as quickly as possible. Join in to help spreading the vision of professional, structured and friendly Polo.

A Quechua – Simply Polo!