A Quechua reaches entire polo community

Graz, March 2017: After finalizing the PIPA Snow Polo World Cup Tour 2017, the international Polo-Marketer A Quechua Polo Sports Ltd. published it’s Media Analysis and offered remarkable figures. An interaction-rate of 150% and about 120.000 unique clients per month put the company into a leading position in polo regarding the media performance. In the last five years, the company succeeded in covering nearly 100% of the entire target group in polo, reaching the whole polo community with it’s media mix.

After organizing the tournaments of the PIPA Snow Polo World Cup season 2016/17, the company from Graz, Austria analysed it’s media spread what led to an outstanding result. It turned out, that the company reaches the whole target group in polo with it’s media mix, including 4 websites, 2 newsletters and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). “In the last few years we tried to focus our communication on useful content and information and tried to avoid self-congratulation!”, states CEO Uwe Seebacher at the press breakfast. “We are critical, innovative and authentic and focus on the big picture in this fascinating sports what now and then leads to some friction in the polo community. This is what distinguishes us from other polo-media.”

Media Key Facts

100% Penetration & Presence in the Target Group

The analysis showed, that the company reaches the entire global polo community four times per month. The demographical distribution shows an exact ambivalence to the polo-life-circle of polo players with women starting and ending the polo career earlier than men. The media mix hits the target group of (male & female) polo players between 25-55 years.

“The age distribution covers exactly the life-circle in polo. Women start playing earlier while men play until a higher age.”, states PIPA Vice President Sports Augusto Ormazabel.

Some interesting facts of the analysis of the company, led by renowned international marketer and entrepreneur Dr. Uwe Seebacher, are the high opening rate of the newsletters between 15,6% and 22,2% as well as the CIR (Community based interaction rate) of 148%, which is far above the average.The average interaction rate of the polo target group is about 1,27%, what can be seen as normal in the polo sector. Having about 120.000 unique clients per month, the websites also reach more people than the average in the polo sector.

Media Mix

“It is the combination of many different media-channels as well as our work in the whole value chain of polo, based on our sustainable strategy what enabled our fast growth!”, commented A Quechua CMO Thomas Hofirek

Stefan Prath, responsible for PR and communications at A Quechua, shares Hofireks thesis: “Although I know our figures and statistics I am surprised by the comparison with the alleged ‘giants’ in the scene. It is especially remarkable because our followers and newsletter distribution list have been developed completely organically as we did not acquire any contacts as some other market players did!”

A Quechua reaches the entire polo market