Action Czech Open 2016

From September 23rd to 25th the 2016 CZECH OPEN will be played at NOE Polo Club, Brno. The grass polo tournament at this wonderful polo club will be under the guidance and patronance of PIPA Czech President Achim Jaehnke and PIPA Czech Ass. President Marek Polan. All in all four¬†teams will compete at the 2016 Czech Open, including the “Grand Senior” of German Polo, Wolfgang Kailing…

The Teams:
Team NOE Polo Club 1:
Wolfgang Kailing
Marek Polan
Lenka Polanova
Viktorie Polanova 3/4; Lukas Prudil 1/4

Team NOE Polo Club 2:
Rene Lelek
Dan Zachoval
Zdenek Soula
Brigitte Emborg; Paul Schilling

Team Aviator Polo Club:
Jan Prucha
Jakub Kucera
Marketa Pavleye
Mark Robinson

Team A Quechua Polo:
Uwe Seebacher
Edith Kelz
Ivonne Halden; Pavel Ivanyi
Inge Keeling

Teams Czech Open 2016

The Venue:
The very modern NOE Polo Club is part of the NOE Farm, located at Brno, Czech Republic. Beside the 18 +8 horse boxes in the stable, all horses have access to an outdoor paddock. If the weather is fine, the horse can enjoy a pasture of 14 hectars. In addition to the polo field, the NOE Polo Club has outdoor and indoor riding facilities, enabling to practice at all weather conditons. The club also provides accomodations. 6 double rooms, one four bed room and one three bed appartment are available, some of them even include whirlpools.

NOE Polo Club Czech Open 2016

The Winner:

Congratulations to Team NOE Polo who could win this tournament!

The Video:


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