A Quechua Quintuple Sales

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Yesterday A Quechua Inc. during a press conference published 2014 financial statements with a huge sensation. After only two years investment period the company entered the profit zone and could fivefold the turnover. “We are very happy that we could end 2014 with such an impressive business result!” states CEO Seebacher.

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The company can refer to a stringent and consistent track record of milestones and achievements. Many successful clubs and organizations such as the Liechtenstein Polo Club have been brought and led to the market and are now active and enriching market players. A cornerstone of the business strategy is the risk management. A Quechua is structured in eight business segments, which reflect the entire polo industry value chain and allow for an active investment portfolio management. With this structure A Quechua is the only fully-fledged comprehensive corporation in the polo business covering all required businesses and services for successfully preparing, launching, running but also turning around unsucessful companies in the market.


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Also A Quechua introduces a new member of the Executive Board – Ruth Matthews, who has many years of experience in the US market. Matthews is responsible for International Business Development and Strategy at A Quechua. She will also actively develop and manage the development of A Quechua sites and real estates. “This segment will sustainabely secure and stabilize our value creation!” Currently A Quechua manages real estates of approx. 1.7 mio Euros and expects an increasing growth rate for the upcoming years.

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“Our growth will enable us to run and manage our own polo teams and to sponsor others by refunding their expenses and tournament fees.” says Seebacher. More and more good player cannot participate due to the high costs for pony logistics and increasing expenses. “This must not be a reason stopping the new trendsport from growing!” Seebacher states. A Quechua will provide more and more teams with horses and will enable young upcoming players to work at A Quechua sites and play international PIPA tournaments. “In the long run, we will have a portfolio of selected teams sponsored by A Quechua and our partners, who will then be touring around the world, similar as in the Formula 1 series!” explains Ruth Matthews the growth strategy. The media values make obvious how strong the corporate marketing and communication of A Quechua already is. “This is essential for engaging and bringing new partners into polo, as polo so far was not overwhelmed with marketing efficiency and attractive marketing values.” continues Matthews.

The full 2014 Financial Statement File can be obtained at the Public Relations Department of A Quechua Inc.